Are You Ready?

Theory vs Reality when it comes to taking back control of your health. Six questions: rate yourself on your readiness to enact REAL change.

  1. Am I open-minded about learning new ways of eating, moving, and living?
  2. 2. Can I commit to changes even when it is uncomfortable, unusual, and inconvenient?
  3. 3. Am I willing to communicate w/a coach as an equal, learned partner, and feel confident in asking for what I need?
  4. 4. Do I have a high level of self-awareness?
  5. 5. Will I keep my word? To MYSELF? To my Coach?
  6. 6. Am I willing to see this journey as an investment in myself, family, and loved ones, and not suffer about the costs?


(I think wearing my glasses must have made the encoding wonky! OOPS....LOL)


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