Tis the Season...?

Tis the Season...?

Yep, it's that time of the year (late February through March) when the weather can't seem to make up it's mind, stuff starts floating around in the air, and people start racking up the sick days at work. 

As I write this, guess what...? I'm taking a sick day to get some rest, fast, perform a few nasal rinses,  because I have caught "something".  (Apparently the "catch & release" program doesn't apply here LOL).

As one who has added intermittent fasting to his Proper Human Lifestyle several years ago, I can tell from experience that those simple steps (resting fasting, and nasal rinse) have been a God-send for help our entire household get over infections much easier with less severity, and potentially a little quicker +/-.

For me, FASTING along with REST was the game-changer!
These steps help us through "Cold Season", "Flu Season", and even with seasonal allergies. Not everyone gets excited about nasal rinse (or nettie pots), but I believe they help (though our teenage daughter affectionately calls it the "Demon Bottle" ?).

The challenge for me is that I can be stubborn, and want to "push through" and dismiss my symptoms. That's not smart, guys! Take your Vitamin P (Patience) and know that your body was designed to work this way...let your body do it's job! And don't confuse the instructions with a lot of medications or, in some cases, unnecessary prescriptions or OTC meds.

Watch this video from Dr Berry, take notes, and apply these concepts the next time you star to feel crumby.


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"Like a bad burrito, this, too, shall pass!"  ~1 Neil: 2nd opinion

More info:
Here is a link to Dr Mindy Pelz (another fasting expert), with a few more practical tips to help you get over a cold.